5 Tips To Help You Dominate Your Mood With Music

5 Tips To Help You Dominate Your Mood With Music

Music most certainly impacts our mood. The connection between music and mood has been analyzed, formally studied, and reported on regularly for decades (and known for thousands of years). It’s likely that you already have come to understand the association between music and mood in your personal life, even if only subconsciously.

You probably have certain playlists devoted to particular tasks or at least, you understand the difference between music that should be played at a wedding and music that should be played at a funeral.

These distinctions exist because of the impact music has on mood. If you can pull this knowledge from your subconscious straight into your conscious, waking life, you can dominate your moods with some help from music.

Follow These Tips To Dominate Your Mood With Music

  1. When you’re feeling sad. You might feel tempted to listen to depressing music when you have the blues, but research has proven that you will continue to feel bad or perhaps even feel worse if you feed a sad mood with sad music. Instead, force yourself to do the opposite. Intentionally listen to upbeat music when you’re feeling down for a mood boost.
  2. When you’re feeling angry. Anger is the opposite of calm. Anger is a root cause beneath many physical ailments and calm, on the other hand, is restorative. Don’t feed an angry feeling with angry music. Instead, starve the anger out of you with music that is slow and soothing.
  3. When you’re feeling anxious. The slow and soothing music that will help you to overcome feelings of anger will help you to overcome anxiety, as well. However, I recommend music that is specifically sparse and meditative for anxiety. My suggestion? Download the iPhone app Bloom by Brian Eno and allow the relaxing sounds to comfort you out of your anxiety.
  4. When you need to focus. Sound is undoubtedly a useful tool, but it can be distracting, too. If silence doesn’t help you to focus, turn to a musical genre that has been proven to strengthen attention: instrumental. Lyrics are distracting for many people, but instrumental music, like classical or film scores, can help some people to focus.
  5. When you need to unwind. Music that is designed specifically for relaxation does the best job at causing listeners to relax. Low bass tones and whooshing ocean-like sounds are particularly instrumental in relaxation. There’s a reason why these types of sounds are played during massages in places across the globe. So don’t feel silly: go ahead and indulge in one of those spa-sounds, New Age albums created with the exact intention of relaxing you the next time you just need to unwind.
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