Your executives drive your company. They need to be fit, energetic, and in good mental and physical health. Investing in a health program for executives that not only monitors executive health from year to year, but also takes swift action to correct potential health problems can help your executives stay on top of their games while delivering your company to greater and greater success.

But, what does an exceptional executive health program involve? It has to be more, so much more, than a simple executive medical check-up once a year. These are some of the things you might look for when comparing plans and programs to help you choose the program that best meets the needs of your business – today and into the future.

Convenient Access to Physicians

Today’s executives work long hours and often have little time in the day to take time out of their schedule to head downtown – or anywhere for the matter – for doctor’s appointments. Look for programs that have made it much more convenient for your executives to see the doctor with things like Saturday appointments, same or next-day appointments, and convenient video appointments so that your employees can see the doctor without leaving the office if necessary.

Access to an On-Call Nurse 24 Hours a Day

Another aspect of convenience to consider is access to a nurse, 24/7 so you can get advice about whether or not emergency care may be required for certain situations and what your executives can do at home to remedy the situation and jump-start the healing process. Sometimes it’s as simple as getting advice over the right kind of over-the-counter medication to take and other times the advice may be more involved.

Having access to this information can save your executives from unnecessary emergency visits and help them keep their focus on work rather than worry about their health or the health of their family members.

In-Depth Testing and Diagnostics

Not only do you want to make sure that you have access to a wide range of diagnostic tests, but you also want to look for features like fitness and nutrition evaluations, cardiovascular assessments, thorough physical examinations by a physician, and testing and evaluations specific to gender health as well. These things might not seem all that important at first glance, but can provide an important baseline of information on the health of your executives from year to year and a vital early-indicator of potential health problems and concerns.

One of the most important aspects of the testing and diagnostic coverage offered by a solid executive health plan is face-to-face time with the physician. A quick 15-minute visit once a year will never be adequate. Your executives need time with the physician to ask questions, get answers, and discuss potential areas of concern that show up in the testing process.

You invest a great deal of time and money into finding the right executives to make your business the success it has become. Investing in a solid executive health program helps you protect that investment – especially when your executives take advantage of the features like the annual executive medical check-up.