People who undergo laser treatment, specifically laser hair removal treatment, do it for the simple reason that they want to get rid of their body hair in an easy, convenient, and painless way. The procedure has been done for a good number of years now, and yes, lots of individuals have certainly benefitted from it.

But what happens if something goes wrong? More specifically, what happens if the technician performing the procedure does not do it in the proper manner, and you suffer an injury as a result? Here, then, is what you should know about the responsibilities of the beautician or technician when you have laser hair removal treatment.

The responsibilities of the beautician or technician

The fact of the matter is that, even though the laser hair removal treatment industry is not well-regulated, your technician or beautician still has responsibilities to you. This constitutes their ‘duty of care’ – to make sure you are properly protected when they perform the procedure. The responsibilities of the beautician or technician include:

  • Making sure you are properly informed of the risks of the procedure or treatment
  • Giving you the chance to change your mind if you don’t feel like going through with the procedure
  • Not pressuring you or forcing you to go ahead with the procedure if you are uncomfortable or if you have questions which remain unanswered
  • Answering all the questions which you may have about the procedure and properly addressing your concerns
  • Making use of the right equipment – and also, making use of clean and well-maintained equipment
  • Giving you a realistic outlook of the procedure and not promising something that they can’t deliver
  • Providing you with the right advice and support, especially when it comes to after-care
The technician should also do a proper and thorough analysis of your skin type as well as the type of hair you have before they perform the procedure. This will allow them to use the right setting or frequency for the machine. If the setting for the machine is wrong or too high, you can suffer from an injury, especially a laser burn.

When something goes wrong

If the technician or beautician has not done any of the above and you have suffered an injury, then you can definitely make a claim for compensation. The fact is that laser hair removal treatments come with certain risks of injury, including laser burns, scarring, infection, skin sensitivity, and more. If you have any of these injuries (and psychological issues as well), speak to a good solicitor today. Solicitors will often operate on a No Win, No Fee arrangement, so you will only have to settle their fees if and when you receive compensation.